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About Memelord

About Our Company

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Welcome to Memelord. Memelord is for all the meme lovers who are in love with memes. We all love memes, we love to share with our friends, we can relate to it, we can experience the joy of memes through digital screens. Why can’t we enjoy our beloved memes physically? 

Sounds too good to be true right? 

We want to build a brand that could give life to all of our favorite memes so we could relate to in more personal level. 

And how exactly we will do it? 

We will identify top trending current memes and all times popular memes throughout the internet and create accessories on it like T-shirts, Mugs, Caps, Phone covers, etc so that we could connect with memes in more deeper level.  

Make your home feel like new

Our mission is to serve by manifesting a shift in the retail paradigm—one in which beauty, experience, and magic are composed onto a platform of cause-related products that guide creative expression, cele- brate individuality, and cultivate the actualization of home as the sacred .

Infinite Furniture is a portal into collective creativity—integrating the elements of healing, education,  theater, art, and interconnecti- vity to create the experience of a three-dimensional living magazine and interactive museum.

Delivery and Set- Up

Our knowledgeable experts will assure that your new products arrive safely and are set up properly.

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Custom Design

The details matter. To bring your look together or create a style all your own, schedule a call with one of our designers.

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