Ready to Stand Out?

Let your personality shine!

Here, a simple meme can kick-start a lifelong friendship, and humor is the ultimate conversation starter. In a world where words can sometimes escape us, or moments can feel a bit awkward, Memelord is here to let your personality shine, even when you're not sure what to say.

Make a statement

Our t-shirts are more than just fabric; they're a way to express your awesome personality. Whether you're at a party, a cafe, or just out and about, your Memelord tee will make a statement for you.

We're all memelords!

We're a small business based in the lively and creative hub of Goa. Our mission is simple: we want to make people laugh and help them show off their personality through their clothes and stuff. Because, deep down, we're all memelords in our own way.

Meet the team

Arjun Jindam - CEO

Introducing Arjun Jindam, the driving force behind Memelord and our CEO extraordinaire. Arjun isn't just a coder; he's a problem-solving wizard, the visionary guiding our ship to meme-infused greatness. And, if Memelord had cheerleaders, he'd undoubtedly be the loudest one in the crowd, rallying us on with infectious enthusiasm!

Meet The Team

Ketaki Mankame - Managing Director

She's a real meme expert who loves hitting the gym, munching on protein, and sharing memes with friends. A true multitasking maven, you'll catch her effortlessly crafting a meme with one hand while doing a bicep curl with the other.

Meet the team

Dimple Patel - Design Head

Meet Dimple Patel, the creative mastermind and Design Head at Memelord. Dimple's eye for detail is simply unparalleled, and when it comes to dank memes, well, let's just say she has an uncanny knack for finding the gems. She's always on the hunt for new fonts, styles, and ideas to keep our meme-inspired designs fresh and fabulous!

Memelord is your canvas for self-expression

We believe that your clothing should be an extension of your personality, a canvas for self-expression. So, when you wear a Memelord t-shirt, you're not just donning fabric; you're wearing your sense of humor, your individuality, and a universal language that unites all of us—memes.

Wear your humour!

Come join us in this journey of self-expression, where your style truly does the talking.